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Canadian-born Paul Anka first achieved success in the 1950s as a teenage singing star (and, for the times, an unusual one in that he wrote many of his own songs). Although he appeared in several films, and was quite believable as a nervous, hyper young soldier in Le jour le plus long (1962) (for which he also composed the theme music), Anka's main... See full bio »

Categories: Clothing, Jackets Tags: design, art, shop Date of Birth 11 February 1952, Alameda County, California, USA Birth NamePhilip Charles Anglim

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Little Oral Annie

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Just as her name implies, this illustrious lady of porn is a noted expert in the erotic pleasures of lingual stimulation. Her undeniable lust for gorging on the male member is unsurpassed even to this day. From her film debut in Sexboat (1980), Annie's tremendous oral skills were a favorite with fans. She delighted audiences with high-energy ... See full bio »


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Adam Ant is best known as a singer. He led Adam and the Ants in the early 1980s. Soon after he began a solo career with hits like "Goody Two Shoes" His most recent solo album was 1995's "Wonderful", which spawned the top 40 US single by the same name. His biggest contribution to music was probably his pioneering use of videos in the early 1980s. See full bio »



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Before Arlette-Leonie Bathiat went to the movies she was a secretary and had posed several times as a model for different painters and photographers. In 1920 she debuted on stage at a theatre. She only began to work in movies after 1930. After World War II she was condemned to prison for having been the lover of a German official during the ... See full bio »

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